ECCO Afghanistan

ECCO strives to provide immediate support in areas experiencing a disaster, war, and conflict. 

We provide immediate humanitarian aid and help people get back on their feet. We work in developing countries, support child education, help the poorest and most vulnerable, and support human rights. We hold the values of mutual help, solidarity, and humanism in high esteem.

Volunteers, Crisis Counselors, and Peer Support Specialists in ECCO deliver:

  • Immigrants Resettlement Services
  • Youth and Adult Mental Health Support

Afghan Refugees Resettlement

Since the U.S. withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan in August, the U.S. has evacuated more than 76,000 Afghan nationals to the U.S., according to a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As of Jan. 31, more than 68,000 Afghans relocated to the U.S. through Operation Allies Welcome have been resettled in communities across the country, in coordination with more than 290 local resettlement agencies. The path to a new life and resettlement is lengthy, filled with red tape and new daily challenges. The challenge for us is sustaining support and resources for as long as it takes to give refugees a place to live and the connections they need to thrive in their new homes.

Thousands of Afghan immigrant families are still in temporary housing and hotels where their immediate needs for resettlements are not met.

ECCO has volunteered to provide Resettlement support for

  • 540 families in the Bay Area
  • 55 families in Turlock
  • 22 families in San Jose
  • 8 families in Modesto
  • 44 families from Sacramento, Tracy, Manteca, Brentwood,

ECCO strives to build a strong community among newcomers through providing support and resources such as:

  1. Running ESL Class for Newcomer Adults (88 families with more than 562 individuals.)
  2. Weekly Mental health relaxation sessions
  3. Crisis counseling
  4. Adult and Youth Mental Health Counseling
  5. Provide interpretation services for adults and youth
  6. Providing support for obtaining a driving permit and Driving License
  7. Providing support for young adults, seniors, disabled, and mentally disabled with relief aid such as Food, clothes, Resources, paperwork
  8. Providing translation services in schools, doctor appointments, Immigration and social service appointments, and paperwork
  9. Providing rides to appointments for those who cannot drive
  10. Organizing social gatherings and events for community building and introducing resources and outreach
  11. Managing support groups on social media for outreach
  12. Providing support and resources for employment and job search
  13. Providing support for finding housing, Airbnb, and temporary housing.
  14. Storing and door-to-door distribution of clothing, nonperishable food, and Sanitary products.

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