Emergency Humanitarian Aid

by | Aug 16, 2022

ECCO Offers emergency assistance to people displaced by war, persecution, or natural disaster. These assistances include:

  • Disaster Relief Aid
  • Livelihood Assistance Aid
  • Winter Relief Aid 
  • Sanitary Aid 
  • Children Aid 
  • Refugee Care

Emergency Aid and Sanitary Products for Mothers and Babies

A few months ago An estimated 300,000 Afghans were newly displaced inside Afghanistan primarily due to insecurity and violence. The needs of those who had to flee suddenly were acute, increasing the demand for shelter, food, water, and health services.
That is when our Organization stepped up to help and do its part. We started with a small goal of 1000 to provide sanitary products for displaced women and their babies. However, the overwhelming support from our community and people all over the world helped us raise more than $20000.

The enormous amount of support encouraged our organization to establish a strong team of volunteers on the ground to provide not only sanitary products but other humanitarian aid as well. Our team of Volunteers which is made up of 90% women was one of the first groups of people who came out of their houses to help the needy after the fall of Kabul and against all odds was able to purchase and distribute:

  • Sanitary Product packages for Women and babies
  • Ready Meal packages
  • Provide Medical expenses support for sick babies and pregnant women