Monthly Food Packages

by | Sep 5, 2022

Afghanistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis and the economy has collapsed. “A February 2022 survey by Save the Children found that 82 percent of Afghan families had lost wages since August 2021 and almost one in five were sending children to engage in labor (for minuscule wages), while 7.5 percent stated they were resorted to begging or requesting money or food from the charity”(Human Rights Watch, 2022) Unemployment has led to many people not being able to provide for their families or themselves to the point that people are selling their children and their organs to survive. According to a health ministry official, approximately 1 in 10 newborn Afghan babies born since January 2022 have died – over 13,000 total – an increase believed to be exacerbated by worsening malnutrition, hunger-related diseases, and the collapse of the country’s healthcare sector. 95 percent of the population does not have enough to eat and 3.5 million children need nutritional support”(Abbassi, 2022). 

To tackle this issue for some of these families especially unemployed mothers who are head of household, ECCO has been providing monthly food packages which include staple foods since august 2021 in Kabul and Mazar, and Herat cities of Afghanistan.