Educate a Child for Change

promote and support education even if it is one pencil at a time

To change the world

Invest in education and educate children

About us

ECCO is a nonprofit organization, that strives to improve lives through Literacy and Education of children in third world countries.


Here at ECCO we are committed in our strife towards providing educational resources and opportunities to all children, regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender.

We believe all children deserve the right to proper education and hope to provide a gateway to supporting these youth. As the great poet Ferdousi said, “Abled are those who are knowledgeable”. Building a prosperous
nation is structured on the education of its youth, and we hope to help in this cause, through your support, even if its one pencil at a time.”


We envision A world where every child gets the opportunity to attend school and pursue higher education.


Strengthen and Create opportunities to equip impoverished children to attend school.

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Collaboration and Branches

ECCO @ Berkeley Student Organization ECCO at Berkeley is a registered student organization at the...

Monthly Food Packages

Afghanistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis and the economy has collapsed. “A February...

Refugee Welcome Event in Fremont, California

In January 2022, ECCO organized a welcoming event in partnership with other local organizations in...

Mother’s Day Celebration

In May 2022, held an event in Fremont, California which hosted more than a hundred Mothers and...

Online School Initiation

On June 19, 2022, ECCO Learn Project held its first event in Kabul city of Afghanistan. In this...

Emergency Humanitarian Aid

ECCO Offers emergency assistance to people displaced by war, persecution, or natural disaster....

Winter Relief Aid and Non-Perishable Food Packages

More than 5.6 million Afghans have been forced to flee their homes and communities due to...

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